Coconut Cartel

Meet our newest adventure: Coconut Cartel Special Dark. A Guatemalan añejo rum, Coconut Cartel is truly imbibed with a smuggler’s spirit. It is their unique story and heartfelt connection to Central America that drew us to the brand. Started by Mike and Dani Zig, a sibling duo who grew up between Central America (El Salvador and Guatemala) and Miami, Coconut Cartel began as a fresh coconut company in 2013. The Zigs began smuggling coconuts from El Salvador to Miami in suitcases for beach parties and hotels. The branded coconuts became a craze, drawing in the likes of celebrities like Drake, Martha Stewart, many Miami models, and even Prince Harry. They supplied hotels like Soho House, the Standard, The W, Edition Hotel, Royal Caribbean… These clients often wanted a cocktail, and pairing the coconuts with the Zig’s beloved Guatemalan rum, Ron Zacapa, became the next big thing. In 2018 this brand naturally evolved their mission to blend their passions for Guatemalan Solera style rum and their existing coconut fixation. In an effort to elevate the rum category, they created Coconut Cartel Special Dark. Batch 001, now in New York, is a blend of Guatemalan añejo rums of 4, 8, and 12 years that has been aged in American white Oak. To get the juice from cask to bottle strength the aged rum is blended with fresh, unpasteurized coconut water. With a familiarity already of Guatemala, and a strong presence to the NYC bar scene, Flip To Pour was a natural choice to represent the new rum. So, if you’re looking to support a small family business or try the best coconut rum on the market, let us know. We’d love to taste you on our new affair.

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