A Simple Cherry Sour

Flip To Pour partnered with Simple Vodka to create a quick and easy cocktail that anyone could make at home. We chose to work with Simple Vodka because we respect the ethos of the company. It was founded by two University of Pennsylvania graduates who saw that alcohol could be a gateway to giving. They started a vodka company to funnel already prevalent alcohol profits into the non-profit sector. Each bottle of Simple Vodka purchased generates a donation of 20 meals to people in need in America. Think of it as the “Toms” of vodka. Except instead of donating booze, they donate food.

We wanted to make a drink that was tart, bright, and refreshing but required no specialty ingredients. The goal was something simple. An easy play on words that reflected our cocktail ethos. Don’t over think it. Don’t make it too complicated. Make it delicious. For that reason, this cocktail has only four ingredients: vodka, lemon juice, Angostura bitters, and cocktail cherries. The execution is a breeze, so this is easy enough to make on a weeknight for one or batch for your next party. The key to this recipe is using the liquid from your cherries as the sugar element. It adds a wonderful color while infusing the drink with cherry flavor, but keeps the cocktail tart. We recommend using Luxardo Maraschino cherries. These candied marasca cherries are a delightful departure from the artificially red maraschino cherry of a shirley temple. There’s a reason Luxardo cherries are a staple behind a bar. Plus, each jar has a 50-50 ration of cherries & syrup. Perfect for this drink. If you don’t have Luxardo on hand, sub in a brandied cherry. Recipe below.


That’s it. Nothing novel or new. In fact, I’m sure someone has already coined this as a specialty cocktail somewhere. That’s the beauty of it. There is a wonderful simplicity in using 4 ingredients you probably have at home to make something delicious.

K.I.S.S.- Keep it Simple, Stupid.

Let us know if you make one for yourself. Write us an email or tag us on instagram @fliptopour.